Jan (from Germany),
25 April 2011

I want to thank you again and from my deep heart for all the effort work and love you put into organizing the past weekend. You really tried your best to make everybody go home satisfied, and at least in my case it turned out to be the case, although it all worked really different than expected. This was again one of the important lessons and pretty intense processes for me. And the medicine is still in all of our bodies and working. These days afterwards are still very intense.

Sometimes it is hard for me to accept that the way it is. it is the best that there can be, especially hard with expectations.

So I wish you the best that can happen for you, although I know it happens, and that you can enjoy it already during it is happening…
And i wish that the seed of ceremonies and shamans from Peru coming over to Europe, grows and flourishes, and becomes more and more easy.
If you want to I would be glad about information if you make more ceremonies.
Warm greetings from my heart

Adam (from Israel)
30 November 2015

It has been a life changing experience.
There is too much to put in words, but I am grateful for this.
The group was wonderfully random and soulful, everything fit.
The shaman and you choreographed it so naturally, I’m really humbled.
And I’m very happy to be back in May.
Thank you again for that experience. It felt like arriving at a really nice island where consciousness is valued and it’s casually normal to look further and try to be better.
Take care and till may

Branka (from Serbia)
16 May 2016

Wow, wow! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!
I am blessed by it. Day after day, everything makes even more sense.
Something I have dreamed about since I was a teenager, it just happened to me.
I am so happy.

Orpheus (from Germany)
20 May 2016

thanks so much for your energy, organisation and help.
Angela and I did return savely home, although very exhausted.
And indeed, the medicine is still working continiously.
I´m very glad that we could participate in your circle.

Annabel (from Spain)
29 May 2016

Yes, lot of things during and after the ceremony.
It was nice to see after the ceremony I felt more present, more aware on the daily choices, feelings, behavior and not acting just per habits.
Lots of feelings came out and also release. Thus I see that the medicine is working good for me and that’s why I am wondering if there is still place in any of those possibilities you have in the website.

Robert (from Poland)
5 September 2016

First of all I want to say THANK YOU for the whole experience! For letting me find you and join these incredible ceremonies. And for keeping my hand when I thought I was dying; and for whispering the words that helped me to survive when I suffered so much; for the whole love and positive energy that I experienced; I am sure that without them I couldn’t experience my great transformation. I feel such a gratitude, such a love! To say thank you is to say nothing! I am sending you my whole love and positive energy that I am feeling now- and believe me, they are endless!

Nikolaj (from Denmark)
12 September 2016

Thank you so much for a fantastic life changing experience.
I am so glad that I did this journey together with you, the shaman and the rest of the group.
You are all beautiful people and very special to me.
I hope to see you soon again. I feel that my ayahuasca journey is not over yet I would love to come and join you again.
I am looking forward to learn more:-)
My brother might wanna join next time:-)
Peace and love

Anthony (from the UK)
16 September 2016

just a quick email to say thanks for the week it was an experience I will never forget I had a
beautiful ceremony last night I would appreciate if you tell the maestro any way thank you and
keep in touch with upcoming ceremonies I will be back It has helped me imensely work
through some stuff I was going through peace and love

Aidan (from Ireland)
May 9, 2017

I just want to thank you for the wonderful ceremonies and especially the powerful work undertaken
by the shaman. I can still hear his chant in the distance when I meditate. Some of the medicine
came through my system yesterday afternoon and I sense there is still a small amount inside
working away. I had very strong experiences last night directly related to the Ayahuasca. Long may
it continue. Best wishes to you and please give my regards to the shaman and tell him that
everything is Bueno.

Branka (from Serbia)
May 17, 2017

I think that was for me the most aesthetically satisfying event ever, when shaman was singing for me. It was incredible! Can’t explain…
And having said that, I can’t wait to come again.

Warren (from UK)
May 13, 2017

So this time It was what it should have been, I met ayahuasca for a nice dance, wondrous and
terrifying as she is.
Thanks for all was really special, you pick great locations.
Thank the shaman too, what a guiding voice incredible.

Margarita (from Germany)
May 25, 2017

Good time goes always too fast over 🙂
I Feel Great and always talk to Ayahuasca mama ;-)) and tell her everything.
But I also Plan for Coming Next year, I am already now looking forward to Next ceremonies in May
2018. :-))
I would like to make a longer ceremony Next Time for about 5 days!