Ceremonies in Peru

The winter months are too cold to invite the Shipibo shamans to Holland, they would be really uncomfortable and that’s not what we like to put them through.

We offer the possibility to travel to Peru for ceremonies in the jungle of the Amazon during the winter. The group will be no bigger than 8 participants.

We will be traveling again in February 2018.

We offer
10 nights with 6 ceremonies
All ceremonies are led by Shipibo shamans.

Dates 2018

Sunday 11th until Wednesday 21th of February 2018

Departure from Amsterdam 10th of February.
Arrival in Lima in the evening of February 10.
Spending 1 night in Lima.

11th of February the domestic flight from Lima to the jungle.

Departure from the jungle to Lima on 21st of February.
The flight from Lima to Amsterdam leaves in the evening of February 21st.
Arrival in Amsterdam on February 22nd.

PRICE € 1250,- per person for 10 nights

6 ceremonies with Shipibo shamans. We will be staying in the pure jungle, with hardly any electricity or internet, no running water and about an hour outside the city, the only way to get there is by boat.

Ceremonies are held in a maloka, a ceremony space built in Shipibo style, surrounded by jungle sounds and Shipibo shamans singing their icaros.

Flower baths, additional medicinal plants and massages will be part of the retreat.

It’s a beautiful chance to immerse yourself in the amazing work the medicine has to offer, feel the energy of the plants on their home ground and work on healing, loving and transforming yourself all based on the Shipibo traditions and knowledge.

Included are:

  • all ceremonies, the meals and accommodation at the retreat
  • The transfer from Iquitos airport to the jungle and vice versa is included as well
  • The last night we will sleep in a hotel closer to the city, to slowly get used to normal life outside the jungle again. A lunch in the hotel or in town on the last day is also included

NOT included are:

  • return ticket to Lima, return ticket Lima-Iquitos-Lima, 1 overnight stay in Lima upon arrival.
  • Any meals, shopping or personal items you might be buying in town during the retreat.

Of course it’s possible to combine your travel to Peru and see more of the country than just the jungle, you can always extend your travel according to your wishes.
Peru is an amazing country to visit and it’s well worth it to stay a little longer!